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Day 40 YOUR SIGNATURE PLEASE? Saturday 3 April

by Rev. Tony Rees on April 03, 2021

Psalm 116:12-14


Let me introduce you in conclusion to Luigi. He is a primary school pupil, a “first generation American”, not all that familiar with American history.  One day his teacher brought into the classroom a copy of the American Declaration of Independence. She read it out and then passed it round the class for each pupil to read. The other children glanced at it and passed it on.  But when it came to Luigi, he read every word carefully, agreed with it, and then took out his pen and signed his name at the bottom. Thomas Jefferson would have been delighted! 


As we have looked at the inter-dependence of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, is it impertinent to ask for your signature?  It is one thing to give mental assent to Bible truth, but another to sign up to it personally.  The signature of a saving faith which focuses on the two realities of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ not only admits us into the temple of salvation but also gives us here on earth a foretaste of the indescribable joy of Heaven (1 Pet. 1:8f.). 


In our passage today, David is filled with gratitude at all the goodness of the Lord to Him, and makes a vow to publicly bring praise to God.  So at the end of our 40 day journey, you might also like to reflect on God’s goodness to you through the death and resurrection of His Son; and sign up afresh, or perhaps for the first time, as a pledge of your continued allegiance to Him?  


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We do hope you’ve enjoyed these daily reflections for Lent.  They are taken as extracts from the latest book by Rev. Tony Rees (2035-2019) ‘A Singular Triumph’, due to be published shortly.  If you would like a copy do contact us for details at ‘ ’.

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