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    January 01, 2018 | Family

    Purpose The purpose of our community is to make disciple-makers (i.e.  make disciples, who make disciples, who make disciples) and in so doing give rise to other missional communities in Norfolk.

    Who is it for  It is for anyone who is willing to put into practice the words of Jesus who said to his disciples, “When you enter a town... Heal the sick who are there and tell them, ‘The Kingdom of God is near you.’ ” Luke 10:8,9

    What do we do  In our meetings we share with one another, pray for one another, worship together, eat together (bring and share), study the Bible (Discovery Bible Study) and seek to obey it. When we go to Dereham (the streets and the parks) we pray for people (including for healing), share our testimonies and share the Gospel. We especially look for “people of peace” who we seek to disciple. We aim to reach out with the Gospel through their network of relationships to see what grows.

    When and where do we meet  We meet on the second Sunday of the month
    4pm - 8.30pm, in our home in Swanton Morley. On the other weekends of the month we go into Dereham, Saturdays 2-4pm; meeting at 1.45pm in the Cherry Tree car park for prayer.

    What are our hopes  We hope that we will become a family on mission and that as we go out into Dereham we will see people being healed and coming into a relationship with God. We hope that we will see disciples, who make disciples, who make disciples (2 Timothy 2:2) and that in due course this would give rise to a disciple making movement and the establishment of many missional communities.

     How to contact us
    Alex and Astrid Milne

    01362 637443 (Home) Mill Cottage

    07946 287283  (Alex) Rectory Rd

    07947 225806 (Astrid) Swanton Morley

    NR20 4GU


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