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1 Chronicles 24:20 – 25:31 And More Divisions

by fol CHURCH on May 21, 2020

We begin today with the title in my NIV as ‘The rest of the Levites’. Sounds a bit like the also rans, doesn’t it? The names in this list were the descendants of Kothath’s son Amran, who were not of the family of Moses and Aaron.  We are told they also cast lots just as their brothers: the sons of Aaron did. And so these men were also divided according to the schedule for their service, along the same pattern a the priests. The lots of the older and younger brothers were easily put together, and the order was settled as the lots were drawn, without regard for age, hierarchy or the number of persons or families. There was a tactful mixing in the arrangement of the older and younger men, so that in this most holy and highest of ‘national services’ the experience of age and the enthusiasm of youth were naturally inspiring.

Chapter 25 is concerned solely with the organisation by David of the remaining four thousand Levitical musicians into the lines of corresponding service given to the priests and temple Levites. We note here also that David took note of the advice of his military commanders in this matter.

This was again done by means of the casting of lots. David did not give the choice worship assignments only to the most talented and greatest. He let God do the choosing and it was a prevention of pride for those who offered the best teaching but also a learning opportunity for the least and even the students.

Whilst today we may not need to cast lots for the division of roles that need to be filled in our church family, we can still learn from David’s actions and God’s position. I’m reminded of the passage in 1 Corinthians 14-26 where Paul talks about the different parts of the body. Certainly, by David using this means of allocation, it highlights that God has a role for all his people to play, both before the life of our Lord Jesus and now as we await His second coming. Perhaps this is a time when we can reflect on what part we play in the functioning of our body of Christ or whether we need to re-evaluate the part we have been playing. Better still ask Our Lord to speak into your spirit and direct you. It’s up to you whether you obey Him or not.







Dear Lord Jesus, as we think of our brother David’s actions so long ago, help us today to be obedient to your call on our lives. May we seek only to glorify Your mighty name. Amen.

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