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2 Chronicles 3:1 – 4:22 The Building and Furnishing of God’s Temple

by fol CHURCH on June 05, 2021

These two chapters give an account of the building of the temple, of the materials, parts, and form of it, and of things belonging to it. This account agrees with 1 Kings 6, the only difference being that in this account mention is made of the particular place where it was built, Mount Moriah, (see Genesis 22:2).  This is the region God tells Abraham to take his son Isaac, to offer as a sacrifice.  Mount Moriah is located in the old city of Jerusalem and is today also known as the Temple Mount. Jerusalem was chosen by God as the location for His sanctuary, Jerusalem was His symbolic dwelling and became the only acceptable place for sacrificial worship. It retains its symbolic significance in New Testament times when it came to represent the hope of restoration and renewal for the people of God, through the sacrifice of Jesus.

The detail of the dimensions and internal decoration is difficult to envisage. I found it helpful to go online and look at images created from the biblical account of the temple. All this was created without all the electrical precision tools and mechanical power of modern day plant, but with the skill and determination of Solomon and all those who worked for him in making this place a reality.  Not to mention the strength and resilience of the men who had to quarry then carry the stone blocks to be dressed and then placed within the structure itself.

As well as the intricate construction of the temple building with all of its rooms, pillars, porticos and colonnades, Solomon also had made the furnishings which would be located within the building. The description we read of the intricacies and splendour of these furnishings is nothing less than breath taking. From the gold nails used in the construction of the Holy of Holies to the Sea which rested on twelve bulls. It must have been absolutely stunning.

Today, our bodies are a living temple which God inhabits by the power of His Holy Spirit. We don’t need man made ornaments of gold and precious stones to decorate ourselves to make us worthy of His occupancy. What we do need is the full and certain belief that Jesus Christ is our salvation. He is the way, the truth and the life John 14:6.
















Dear Lord. Help me to see my body as your temple. Fill me afresh every day with your Holy Spirit and enable me to share the wonderful knowledge I have of your love and grace with all those I meet who need to hear it. For Jesus sake. Amen.

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