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Acts 26 Fully Reliant On God

by fol CHURCH on August 01, 2022

In chains Paul doesn’t stop preaching the gospel and using this opportunity to preach to King Agrippa and possibly even convince him to follow Jesus!!  WOW!!.  And he does it with the utmost honour and respect to both these men, honouring their positions.

And what a story Paul has, was a well-educated man in the ways of the Jewish religion and through that position, he terrorised Christians, had a hand in hunting and killing them and still God chose him to take the gospel out, and not even to his fellow Jews, but a people he had been taught to despise as unclean and worthless (the lowest of the low).  However, he still did what God asked of him.  

I don’t know how I’d react in that situation, going to a people  I had been taught all my life were worthless but that’s all part of taking up your cross and dying to self isn’t it?  Putting aside our old ways, old prejudices, old habits and moving forward into a life that God has made us for, Paul is certainly a role-model in how he lived his Christian life

It’s interesting that just as Jesus was found “not guilty” by everyone except the Jews, Paul is found not guilty by not only the local authorities (Festus - a Procurator (a kind of governor)) but also a King (Agrippa) who has had first-hand experience of what Paul has been doing.  Paul could have been set free, however he knew what he was meant to do which was go to Rome and instead of taking the easy way out, he continues to ask to see the Emperor knowing it is where God is sending him (even though the Emperor could deem him guilty if he wanted) - an amazing example of someone living the Fully Reliant On God (if you get the early 2000s reference) life.




Are you prepared to tell your story and discuss why you believe whenever asked?  What is stopping you?  Are there things you need to let go in order for God to use you most effectively?


Father God, I’m sorry for those missed opportunities to talk about you, please help me to notice them when they come up and give me the words to speak.  Holy Spirit, please work in me to let go of any old ways of thinking that are stopping God from being able to use me effectively.  Amen.

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