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Acts 27 Who Is In Your Boat?

by fol CHURCH on August 02, 2022

This chapter details Paul’s tempestuous (literally) journey to Rome.  Paul again shows parallels with Jesus in that he has some kind of divine knowledge about what to do and where to go.  Just as Jesus instructed fishermen about where to fish, Paul instructs the pilot of the boat that the journey will be hazardous (knowledge he as a tent-maker wouldn’t possess).  I believe this was Father God telling Paul the safe way to go, and even though he was ignored (several times) you can see His protection of Paul.

I love seeing Paul’s care for all those with him, taking on a role of father to the sailors, his guard and the prisoners - just as in 2 Peter 3:9 we hear that it’s God’s will that “none shall perish”, Peter follows this by doing all he can to save those with him.  Some of these would have been hardened criminals going for trial, some were rough ‘n’ tough sailors, some would have been ordinary people, but Paul cares and ministers to all of them, regardless of who they are, what they believe or what they may have done.

God puts people in our lives to care for, care about, minister to all the needs they have and to ‘be Jesus’ to, these are the people in our boat and they are the ones God has sent us, and sent us to.  They are people whose well-being we need to look out for and maybe even advocate for, and maybe even change people’s opinion of just as Paul does with the centurion who saves the lives of the criminals, rather than allowing them to die to save himself, makes sure they are safely brought ashore. 

Our behaviour can have a dramatic effect on those around us, changing opinions and bringing about change, this can be having a different attitude to someone who is difficult to work with, or the neighbour who no one likes but you seen (and talk about) the good you see.





Who is in your ‘boat’?  How do you care for their, meet their needs? How do you talk about them to those also in your ‘boat’?  Are there people on your boat you who don’t want to be there?


Father God, please help me to love well those people in my boat, especially those who I don’t want to be there.  Please show me how I can meet their needs and how I can change the attitudes of those around me towards them and change my attitude to any who I need to love more. Amen.

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