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Colossians 2 Loving Thankfulness

by fol CHURCH on August 05, 2022

Paul says the church should be overflowing in love and thankfulness rooted in Christ. He is firm in his belief that they must not yield to false doctrine and not to be distracted by human and elemental spiritual influences.

Christ’s rule is absolute, He is the incarnation of the living God in human form declares Paul as He encourages the church to remain steadfast in their belief. His words offer wisdom, fortitude and insight to motivate his fellow believers to stay true to the cause; Paul’s words ring as true today as they did 2,000 years ago, we are one with Christ, redeemed, pure and made whole again because we are washed and cleansed by His blood.

His sacrifice bridged the gap between God the Father and mankind, wretched, sinful and arrogant. God’s merciful grace allows us the freedom to choose, either a life of peace, joy and love or to satisfy our own gluttony in the flesh resulting in eternal separation from Him. Paul continues asking, ‘why do we still submit to earthly rules?’ The things that we pursue are temporary and are destined to perish, endorsed by humans to satisfy human desires, nurturing false wisdom and humility.

Paul’s message is clear, put to death whatever is impure and cast aside earthly ways; God’s judgement is coming and we must act in our new self, renewed in the image of our creator.

Colossians 2: 9-10: “ For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form, 10 and in Christ you have been brought to fullness…….”

Paul urges the church to be disciplined in their lives and maintain their re-born purity by not indulging in traits which cause them to express negative emotions towards each other. His message dictates honesty and self-control in all things, portraying Christ as the exemplary standard to be followed.









As a Christian how do you deal with negative emotions and feelings?


Lord, help us to use Christ’s example of unconditional love, sacrifice and forgiveness each day in our lives. Amen

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