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Exodus 10:1 - 11:10 Boldness

by fol CHURCH on April 19, 2019

Moses has so much faith and is so humble. He lets God be his strength and walks in boldness, knowing who his God is! He once ran away in fear, and God found him and reminded him who He is.


He goes up to the Pharaoh in full obedience to His heavenly father. He knows what to expect. He knows that the Pharaoh will have a hard heart and it’s not going to be easy. I don’t know if he knew that he wasn’t going to see any victory in that moment, but we know that he carries on in obedience, and not disappointment.


How many times have we let our feelings rule our actions? How many times have we looked at situations practically and not through Gods perspective? God wants to call us to that level of Faith today. That level where we can walk up to kings and queens, knowing who our God is. Knowing that what He says is truth, and He will always win! Taking us for the ride in the victories!


The greatest commandment can bring us to this place. When we love Him with everything in us, everything in us learns how to move in His love. We get to renew our mind in his love daily, taking away all fear and panic, taking all that can’t stand in the presence of the Lord. As a result of this, we get to love our neighbours fully!


I want to encourage you today to get stuck into the word and see what God does with us. He uses us as His hands and feet here, simply because He loves us. He shows us His signs and wonders. He showers us with His love and mercy. Once we know who He is, we learn more of who we are. We then get to step out in boldness because of this!


Praise the Lord!!














Thank you God for your love, that never leaves or forsakes us! Thank you God for the way you show us who we really are in you, and as we learn this we can step out in true faith and boldness. Lord, please take all fear and emotions that are not from you that can hold us back today. Thank you God that your love is limitless. May you show us more of that today!

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