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Exodus 12:1-42 God in the miraculous!

by fol CHURCH on April 20, 2019

Have you ever read this testimony and thought, what a crazy time! Sometimes we can get so used to what we read in the bible and not really think about what just happened! I mean, six hundred thousand men on foot, besides women and children got up and left their place of slavery, after a night that God miraculously saved their baby boys and took the lives of those who were not walking with God.


They got to see the victory of God after seeing Him fight for them in so many ways. Moses got to see the victory of his obedience to lead the whole thing, even though he had no idea where this would end up! This was really just the beginning of all God had for Him! He probably had no idea that he was about to pastor all those crowds of people for years in the desert!


Have you ever entered a season and seen huge things happening around you, and not known the fullness of it until later on? I am guessing most of you have! God isn’t in a hurry, as Love has already won. He is so close in the process of every season, and He is excited to see your heart get closer to Him in it!


We see in part and hear in part for a good reason! If Moses had known, I am not sure if he would have gone for all that was asked of him. But as he stepped out in each moment, in complete trust in who his God is, he got to get closer to Him. He got to learn more and got to see more of God in the miraculous.



















Thank you God for all you do in every season. Thank you that you are always caring for us, and always loving us! Thank you that we can trust you in every moment. Thank you for every season, even what it seems crazy, we can trust in your victories. God I pray that you show us more of how to step out in what you are doing daily with us!

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