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Exodus 37:1 – 38:20 Our Covenant Relationship

by fol CHURCH on May 11, 2019

Today’s Bible passage is about the items that were made for use in the Tabernacle, and information about the courtyard.

Bezalel made the Ark of the Covenant, the table, the lampstand, the altar of incense, the altar of burnt offering, the basin for washing and the items for the courtyard. Each had a practical use but are also of spiritual significance to us today.

The Ark was built to house the Ten Commandments, Aaron’s Rod and a jar of Manna, (the heavenly food that God sent to the children of Israel to feed them while they were in the desert). This was its practical use. The spiritual significance of the Ark of the Covenant is that it shows our covenant relationship with God. On top of the Ark is the Mercy Seat, The Bible recounts that the lifting of the Mercy Seat brings death to those who do it. The Law, encased in the Ark, brings death, but the Mercy Seat show us that God’s mercy protects us from the Law. Take away the Mercy which brings life and you are left with the Law which brings death.

The Table was built to hold the Shew Bread. The shew bread was there for the Priests to eat, and the bread was renewed daily. The spiritual significance is that God’s Word is our bread of life and is there daily for us to eat of. It is renewed by our heavenly Father.

The Lampstand was there to give light in the Tabernacle and represents the spiritual illumination that our Lord Jesus gives to us.

The Altar of Incense was in the Tabernacle to raise a pleasing odour to the Lord daily. The spiritual significance of this is that our lives should be a pleasing odour to the Lord daily, we should seek each day to bring pleasure to His heart.

The Altar of Burnt Offering was also to be kept burning all the time. Its practical use was to burn the offerings that the people brought for the forgiveness of their sins. Its spiritual significance to us is that Jesus has taken our sins and the access to forgiveness is there every day if we choose to take it.

The Basin for Washing was for the priests to wash in so that they were ceremonially clean for their holy work. Its spiritual significance is that we can be washed clean everyday if we ask Jesus for His cleansing.



* * *


Prayer: Lord help me today to remember my covenant relationship with You, that You are always accessible to me, and supply everything I need. Amen.

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