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Genesis 5:1-32 Our Family Line!

by fol CHURCH on January 05, 2019

At the beginning of this chapter we are reminded that we were made in Gods image and that mankind was blessed. We are then told the family line from Adam through to Noah. This genealogy is also mentioned in 1 Chronicles 1:3 and Luke 4:36-38.

Whether we take the ages of these men as literally biological or as some scholars think, symbolic, is not as important as to understand that this line shows a continuity from Adam to Noah and where it says that these men lived to great ages and had other sons and daughters is describing the fulfilling of Gods instructions to man in Genesis 1:28 “to be fruitful and increase in numbers”. This is how humanity multiplied and the earth became populated.

Why are people’s actual names mentioned? Because people are important to God as individuals. In this huge world we can easily feel small and overwhelmed – just remember though – God’s attention is fully on you!

Some of the names mentioned are described as simply having “lived”, whereas Enoch, who was a prophet, is described after the birth of his son Methuselah as “walking faithfully with God”. What happened to Enoch at that time? – was it then that God had warned him about the judgement that would come to the earth which is mentioned in Enoch’s prophesy in Jude 1:14-16? This would indicate that sin continued to grow with the generations and yet some people still lived for God. Was this why Enoch was taken up into heaven by God rather than dying as all the others did? Was his faith so great that he did not have to succumb to the punishment that God was going to carry out later in the lifetime of Noah?

Noah was the first descendant born after Adams death and so the curse that was made on the ground in Genesis 3:17 was lifted. Up to this time the people had to work hard to grow any crops from the ground.

Noah was also the last of the “pre-flood” generation who lived to an extraordinary age. From the ages given it seems that Methuselah died in the year of the flood – which of course is when all, but Noah’s family would have died. The chapter finishes with the names of Noah’s three sons who would then go on to be the new fathers in the new world.















Prayer – Thank you Lord that we can always turn back to you even if we have been far away. We are always your children and will always be loved by you. We pray for blessings on our family lines that they will know you too. Amen.

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