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Job 40:6 – 41:34 A double advocate

by fol CHURCH on April 10, 2019

It never rains but it pours. After a long period of silence the amount of revelation from God about himself seems unstoppable. Job barely gets a look-in – or a word in edgeways. Has that ever been your experience? Waiting for God to make himself known in a situation, make things clearer, give you understanding in a difficult place, feeling his absence, abandonment, injustice? Then, suddenly, there’s revelation, the mists clear, sanity is restored and life with God is good again.


I think there are times for us all when we pray, read the Bible, attend church but it feels mechanical, routine without any awareness of God speaking to us, having our number, caring for us personally. These times can extend themselves over a long period of time. Meanwhile those around us seem to be getting on fine, hearing from God, seemingly having a great time with Him, getting answers to prayer and moving on in their faith and relationship.


Perhaps, we remember the times fondly when there would be a flood of revelation whether sharing words of knowledge with friends, the Spirit speaking to us through the Bible, times of prayer when we really sensed the presence of God in our lives, moments in worship when we knew His nearness. But it all seems a distant memory now. Our Christian walk can fluctuate between barrenness and an abundant flow of hearing God speak.


Whatever position you are in right now we have an advocate. In fact we have two advocates. We have Jesus who stands before the Father and pleads our case – at this very moment.  He pleads our case on the basis of justice (40:8); not the justice of our cause but of His because His blood has ransomed us. He gave his life for us and therefore we are in Him and so He can say to the Father: this one is mine. That is what he says over you to the Father. Jesus is your advocate.


However, we have another advocate. The one whom Jesus sent to be with us and live in us. The Holy Spirit. His job is to represent the Father to us, to you – He is the advocate from the Father who speaks to you. If you’re a bit in the doldrums today then the wind of the Spirit will blow over you. His voice will be heard again. There will be a flowering in the desert, the sound of singing. Hold on for He is not far away. He is your advocate and he will be again.










So, hold on. Press in. Because of Jesus you are clothed in honour and majesty. You are his child deeply loved by him.

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