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John 21:15 – 21:25 The God of Diversity and Equality

by fol CHURCH on June 03, 2021

God created a beautiful and diverse world filled with beautiful and diverse beings.  Each of us brings unique talents and gifts into the world, and as per the Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal …….”

Peter and John were two different men – Peter loved Jesus and John was the man Jesus loved. Yet each of them was precious to God and each had a plan for his life ordained by God. 

What Jesus was doing with Simon Peter was restoring relationship.  Just as Peter had denied Christ three times standing by a charcoal fire in the courtyard (Matthew 26:69-75) so Jesus asked him three times to confirm his love standing by a fire on the beach. Jesus was reminding Simon (Peter) that it was okay if he could not love Him to the extent that He loved Peter, but he appreciated his honesty in the relationship and that was all He needed to restore Peter to his position of leadership and trust. 

All Peter could say was Lord I am fond of you, but at this point I am so disappointed in myself I just cannot say the words “I love you” as I don’t think I can live up to them …remember what I did in the past?.... but you know everything. The words of a man who was full of remorse but who knew that God knew his heart, loved him, and had already forgiven him.

How many times have we felt like failures and resorted to God in tears saying – “Lord you know everything, you know my weaknesses and my failures, you know my strengths and the gifts you have given me. You know my heart.  Lord help me, take me as a whole package but please keep me close, change me and use me to the glory of your name”. 

God has a different plan for each and every one of us and we should never compare our lives to those of others especially in terms of ministry/service. God created us and uses us all differently according to the talents and gifts he has given us to fulfil the plans He has for us.

When Jesus told Peter ‘If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you? You must follow me.’  What he was really saying was Peter do not worry about John’s ministry – worry about what you will do for me, each of you has a different plan to follow but your paths are laid out by me.
















Meditation/prayer. (See italicised paragraph).

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