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Numbers 26:57-28:15 With God, Everyone Counts

by fol CHURCH on September 04, 2019

As we noted yesterday, the Levites were not covered in the main census. That was for allotment of land and Levites had no land inheritance. They were to be split between all of the tribes so that they could perform priestly duties for that tribe.

We have some interesting information in this passage. We are given Moses’ mother and father’s name: Jochabed and Amram. We don’t find this in Moses story in Exodus, so it is exciting to find it here.

Then we are told that all Levites one month or older were counted and that there were 23,000 Levites. Two people of the Levites tribe that are mentioned are Joshua and Caleb, who came out of Egypt with Moses, but did not disobey God and therefore were blessed to live in the Promised Land.

In chapter 27 we have the account of Zelophehad’s daughters, from the tribe of Manasseh. There were 5 daughters, and no sons in this family, but when the land was allotted to the tribes, they felt that their father ought to have been given his share, even though he was dead. So they went to Eleazer and asked for their father’s portion to be given to them. Eleazer takes this to the Lord and He says they are quite right: their fathers name should not disappear, but they should have an allotment of land in their father’s name.

God tells Eleazer to tell the Israelites that when a man dies leaving no sons, his daughters should have the inheritance. If there are no daughters then his brothers can claim, and if there are no brothers his father’s brothers can claim it. If there are none of them, the land goes back to be divided amongst the tribe, so that they lose no land when a man has no family, and this was to have the force of the Law of the Israelites. We can see that inheritance rights are important to God.

We have so many numbers in this book of Numbers, it can be overwhelming, but they are there to show us that every person counts with God.

Chapter 27 v 12 God takes Moses up a mountain in the Abarim range, shows him the Promised Land but says he will not enter, so Moses asks God to provide a leader for the people. God tells him to commission Joshua in front of the whole assembly.

Finally, in chapter 28 we are given rules for daily offerings, Sabbath offerings and monthly offerings. Life carries on after Moses goes…





Thank you Father that everyone counts with you, including me. Amen

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