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Numbers 8:5–9:1 Growing Our Relationship with God

by fol CHURCH on August 19, 2019

Firstly in this chapter, God explains a purification ritual that should happen to all the Levite males so that they will be fit for service to the tabernacle. This includes being cleansed and their lives  offered to do service at the tent of meeting. The dedication of the Levites is followed by their retirement, saying they must withdraw from the workforce at the age of fifty, meaning heavy work such as building, dismantling and transporting the tabernacle. A much better idea in my opinion than working until the 70s and even older these days! However, after retirement older Levites may still help the younger men by doing guard duty. A kind of gentle initiation into work and mentoring of the younger generation.

Numbers 9:1-14 gives us particular orders for the keeping of the Passover. Moses is asked what about those who couldn’t eat the sacrifices. Moses asks God and is told that whoever was deemed unclean and couldn’t eat the sacrifices, was to celebrate Passover a month later, but was not to abstain or else would be cut off from their people.

What struck me most when reading this passage was when the question “why should we be kept from presenting the Lord’s offering?” was raised, Moses asked God for an answer. He didn’t try to find a solution himself or have a guess at an answer; he sought the answer from God. That was the nature of his relationship with God – it was so well established. Rather like a son asking his much wiser, more experienced father.

When faced with a question or dilemma, do we seek God first? Is our relationship with Him as strong as this? We can grow this relationship in so many ways; we can prioritise the bible, prioritise prayer and prioritise our church community and worship with our church family. Delving into God’s word and knowing our scriptures well is so important, as is having regular and often pray times where we talk to God. Church on a Sunday is equally as important; we grow alongside each other and learn about Him.








The challenge now is to have 5 minutes with God: talk to Him, ask Him, and thank Him. A time free from distractions that is focused solely on talking to God and growing your relationship with Him.

Thank you, Lord that you love us to spend time with you. Amen

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