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Proverbs 23 Wise Commands For Fruitful Living

by fol CHURCH on July 27, 2020

Today we are continuing ‘The Thirty Sayings of the Wise’ - feel free to proceed with the ‘method’ mentioned two days ago, esp. asking: ‘What is God saying to me and what am I going to do about it?’

Saying (6) – a warning to show restraint when invited to a ruler’s feast; it could have a corrupting influence. Daniel is a good example of a young man who exercised such restraint (Dan. 1:8ff)

(7) – Pursuing riches is not as good as trusting God, pursuing His wisdom and what brings glory to Him – 1 Tim 6:9-10.17 echoes that in the New Testament.

(8) – Another warning not to keep company with a miser, who usually acts to further his selfish ends.

(9) – Do not engage with foolish people; similarly, Jesus warned us about ‘not casting pearls before          swine’. (Matt 7:6)

(10) – In our modern context: ‘the wise avoid unfair business practices and illegitimate gains (…) knowing that the Lord will judge wrongdoing.’ (NLT Study Bible)

(11) – Be a careful listener – by learning you will improve your life.

(12) – Disciplining children is necessary, so they can be blessed in the long term; Ephesians 6:4 encourages parents to do it appropriately.

(13) – The right correction results in children making wise choices, causing their parents to be joyful.

(14) – Even tough bad people might prosper for a while, don’t be jealous; instead fear the Lord and “you will be rewarded for this; your hope will not be disappointed” (NLT), i.e. you will be blessed forever.

(15) – A warning to the young not to overindulge in drink, food or sleep; Jesus also warns his followers not to be caught drinking and living a life of careless ease (Matt 24:49 and Lk 21:34) The Master has work for us to do before He returns suddenly; leading a balanced and self-controlled life will help us be fruitful.

(16) – Another exhortation to heed the godly wisdom of mother and father, which will cause them to be filled with joy. Buying the truth and not selling it is reminiscent of the parable of the ‘hidden treasure’ that Jesus told in Matt 13:44-46.

(17) – The familiar theme of warning young men not to seek illicit/immoral sexual encounters, for they are a trap and won’t bring any benefits. ‘Proverbs repeatedly emphasizes avoiding sexual relations outside of marriage (see 5:1-23; 6:20-35; 7: 1-27).

(18) –Paints a vivid picture of the foolishness of people overindulging in alcohol, leading to dizziness, confusion, sickness, hurt and addiction.








Lord God, help us to follow the wise commands that your Holy Spirit has been highlighting today, so we may lead a fruitful life for your glory, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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