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Proverbs 25: 1-28 Going Deeper

by fol CHURCH on July 29, 2020

In the book of proverbs, you get to see several key themes that include wisdom and folly, the righteous and the wicked, words and the tongue, family, laziness and hard work. In Proverbs 25, scribed by King Hezekiah, you see a variety of themes throughout.

How this proverb starts is something that is given many times through the bible, in different ways. The hunger God has placed inside of us for His glory, as His children pursue Him and go deep into His word. What a great way to start! What a great posture to hold. What He reveals is great, but what He hides is greater.

As you seek Him, you learn about His character, which is revealed in the rest of this chapter. You see what fruit comes from being like Him. Being truthful, humble, open hearted and one that listens.

From verse 15 you get to see what it is to be gentle. As someone who works with traumatised people, I see how God is teaching us how to react to others with gentleness to not cause trauma and hurt. Even gentleness in how we respond to God. We all need the Holy Spirit in this!

The conviction that we seek others to have only comes from the Holy Spirit, only after we choose to act in love, not expecting anything in return. We get to be like Jesus through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and His word.












God, we thank you for showing us your character through your word and Spirit. Thank you for revealing how we get to join in with this, shining your light and character from our words, actions, thoughts and relationship with you. Lord, we pray that you take us deeper into the hidden places today. Thank you! Amen.

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