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Proverbs 26 That We Might Walk In Wisdom

by fol CHURCH on July 30, 2020

Every area of your life is going to be touched by Wisdom, which comes from the fear of the Lord. It affects your actions, thoughts, attitudes and words. Chapter 26 shows how wisdom in your relationships with others, particularly your leaders, fools and your own foolish self!

You see how fools who don’t wish to change stay in a foolish pattern of destruction. It is so helpful to see how to relate to those who are in these unhealthy patterns. It isn’t helpful to expect them to be wise, as this is only going to lead to disappointment. You will then let in frustration and end up being foolish yourself. You see how to lead those who are in this pattern of destruction, by making sure that you don’t put them in leadership, or places where they can damage and affect others.

You also learn how to remain in purity yourself. Seeing connections between laziness and pride in verse 16. Learning how to not manipulate others through flattery, as this is actually hatred.

Proverbs holds such wisdom. Compared to the Psalms beforehand, which is a book that isn’t meant to be studied, but a doxological collection to be experienced through worship. The book of Proverbs is meant to be studied and lived. Walked out as you learn the true character of our loving God.

God requires action in your learning. You are not to get fat in knowledge and not use it. You are to walk it out and teach others, making disciples wherever you go. I want to encourage you today, that as you continue to study the book of Proverbs, that you remain in focus on the Lord and His instructions and His attitude!









Thank you God for your wisdom, and that you only hide it from us to allow us to go deeper in you to find it. That what you have is freely ours. As we pray today that you take anything from us that is blinding us from you, aligning us with your wisdom and character. We want to shine your presence today, not for our sake but for your glory. May ALL things that we do, we do for your Glory!

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