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Psalm 127:1-5 My House

by fol CHURCH on November 24, 2021

I guess verse 1 is one of the most oft quoted Bible verses: “Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labour in vain”. We often declare it over our churches and our projects. But what do we actually mean? It can easily become a mantra – something we say that sounds good but in practice doesn’t mean much.  It doesn’t mean inactivity on our part. After all the watchmen are not stood down and we are not told to stop working completely. Children are not just delivered by air mail – parents have to do something to bring about growing their family – either through natural means or exploring other routes such as adoption or fostering.

Nor does it mean an easy life. We may have to ‘contend with our enemies at the gate’. The gateway represented the place of justice. Representing truth, justice, and mercy may even lead us into danger.  This is not a straightforward ‘God will bless me’ psalm. But it is a psalm that challenges us. Do we live independently from him or dependent upon Him? Do we rely on our own efforts or His? Are we a schemer – manipulator of events and people – or do we make space for His plans to unfold? And, of course, the ‘house’ is not necessarily a church or project. The house is ‘me’, ‘my life’.

Upon whom will I build the house of my life? Jesus, of course, gave us two options in a memorable picture. Termed the options: sand or rock? (Matthew 7:24-27). And my answer is? Well, of course, we all know which one we would like it to be. But sometimes it’s not so easy to hear God’s word and put it into practice. What about when we are in the painful place of childlessness? Either real or representative of the absence of the sense of God’s blessing upon our lives. Will we trust him then? 

Will we give him every aspect of our lives? Our family, our finances, our property, our security, our relationships, our careers, our sexuality, our education, our health, our past, present and future. Knowing, and trusting, that He is at work, watching over us, building His Kingdom in us, willing His good and perfect purpose in us (Phil 2:13-14).










Is there a particular aspect of your house that the Lord needs to come and build? Have you moved away from His plan? Are there parts of the design you are not sure about? Would you like an extension? Talk to Him about how the house of your life looks today and ask Him to build His kingdom.

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