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Psalm 128 The Blessing of All Blessings

by fol CHURCH on November 25, 2021

I don’t know how you feel when you hear the word ‘blessing’ but it often conjures up the image of someone who has just sneezed or those words that the minister speaks at the end of a Sunday service. But it is so very much more than just some words that are spoken out at an appropriate moment.

Words are great. They can make us feel good and a good blessing will most certainly do that for us if we’ll let the words permeate us and sink in. But when you get a blessing like this one something shifts in the spiritual atmosphere. It changes things.

A blessing isn’t just words it is accompanied by a release of God’s abundance from heaven. It is effective spiritually, and practically. It is a thing of power and wonder. Perhaps I might be accused of over-romanticising it here a little bit but that’s the point it releases the love of God in a powerful way.

When I read this blessing – for that is what this Psalm is – I found myself thinking ‘This is wonderful, this is what it feels like to be sitting under the love of a God who wants to pour out good things upon us. This is feels like love.’

Of course it was written as a song of ascent – a song to be sung over Israel as pilgrims went up to Jerusalem for one of the great celebrations but I’d like to suggest that you pray it over yourself, pray it over your family, pray it over those you work with and see in the street. As blessings go they don’t get much better!













Heavenly Father we stand in awe of you. We stand in awe of your infinite power and wisdom. We stand in awe of the depth and scale of your love. In the name of Jesus, your only Son, we bless those around us, we bless those we love and care for, and we bless them with the abundance of heaven. We bless them to know you and your inexpressible love and grace. We bless them to receive the riches of your love and grace and to walk in your ways always. We bless them to be filled by your Holy Spirit and to stand in awe of you. We bless them to see the world as you do and to know its beauty. Be poured out upon us all Lord. We ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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