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Psalm 140 Facing the Attacks of the Evil One

by fol CHURCH on December 07, 2021

The Psalmist here is surrounded by what appears to be the very definition of ‘neighbours from hell’. They speak of evil acts, violence, lies, and arrogant words battering them on every side.

This was the case for the Psalmist and is likely going to be the case for us as Christians today. It may not be a neighbour or colleague who displays the shocking behaviour described in these verses. But at the very least we know from the New Testament that Satan is a slanderer, accuser, and deceiver (See Rev 12:10 and 2 Cor 11:3). He is always on the lookout to oppress and weaken God’s people, rendering us weary and ineffective.

It is in the face of this that we must hold to the truths proclaimed by the Psalmist that God is our ‘strong deliver’ who ‘[shields] my head in the day of battle’ (v.7). He is sovereign over the works of Satan and all we need to do is look to Him and the arrows of the enemy won’t penetrate beyond the armour given to us. That is not to say that we won’t feel a bit battered and bruised from time to time like the Psalmist here, but we can rest secure in the knowledge that, through Jesus, God is with us and for us in those moments, holding us up and setting our feet on secure foundations in order that we might stand firm (v.12-13).


















Reflection: I wonder if you know of anyone personally who is feeling battered from side to side by storms from the evil one. How could you, as one filled with God’s Holy Spirit, help uphold, and secure these people? How could you anchor them to the God of justice who is ‘strong deliver’ for the broken and needy?

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