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Psalm 15:1 - 16:11 Knowing We’re Safe and Secure

by fol CHURCH on July 09, 2019

We have two Psalms today, 15 and 16. Psalm 15 is an instruction on how those who follow the way of Christ should behave in the community of God.

The question is, “who will dwell with You?” and the answer is, he who walks blamelessly, he who lives a righteous life, and he who speaks the truth. We’re reminded here of Micah 6:8 where Micah asks, “What does the Lord require of you? To act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God”. It seems the whole of the Ten Commandments are summed up in verses 1-2.

So how should we live? With integrity, with a blameless character; righteously, with honest conduct; and truthfully, with sincere conversation. If we live like this then we are showing complete loyalty to God. Someone once said, “Who we are determines what we say”. Our behaviour and our speech show who we are.

Then we come to Psalm 16 which is a happy and triumphant Psalm. Again, this is written by David, and this one is known as the “Resurrection Psalm”. This Psalm again talks of how safe we are if we walk in the ways of God. Here we can find refuge, and we can find help when we need it. It is a Messianic Psalm in that it talks about the Lord Jesus. In verse 8 it refers to Jesus’ life, in verse 9 it talks of His attitude towards God in His death, in verse 10 it talks of His resurrection and in verse 11 it talks of His ascension.

Both of these Psalms show us that when we walk with Father God, we are safe and secure. If we follow His ways, then we will be protected from the worst the world has and we will be counted as righteous on the Day of Judgment. Psalm 16 even shows us the example of Jesus and all that He went through, so that we have a “blueprint” to follow.

On the day of Pentecost, Peter quotes David in Psalm 16 to the crowds, we can read this in Acts 2 verses 25 – 28.









Prayer: Lord, help me to keep in mind today that nothing that comes my way is out of Your control, and that I can live for You today, without fear. Amen

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