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Psalm 17:1 – 15 Vindication, Protection And Salvation

by fol CHURCH on July 10, 2019

This Psalm is a prayer of David’s to Father God and in it, David asks for three things: vindication, protection and salvation.

We all have times of crisis in our lives and here David is petitioning Father God at a time of need. The first five verses show David telling Father God that he has done the right things, he has not sinned, and his cause is just. This is David asking for vindication.

In verses 6 - 9 David speaks of his relationship with Father God, and again entrusts himself to His care. In verses 10 - 13 David speaks to God about his enemies and how they surround him, and in verses 13 - 14 he asks for protection from them. This is David asking for protection.

In the last 2 verses he talks of how, although his enemies are looking in life for what they can leave to their children after death, he is looking forward to the afterlife with his God. This is David asking for salvation.

There are times in our lives when we need vindication, protection and salvation. Sometimes we feel that the whole world is against us, even our Christian friends don’t understand, we feel we need vindication from the Lord. Sometimes we are in the right, sometimes we are in the wrong, but Father God understands where we are ‘at’ and knows how to lift us up out of whatever situation we are in. We all need protection from our Father as we walk in this world, but sometimes we feel we need extra protection as we go through a more difficult time. Father God will be there for us, we just need to ask.

Finally, we all need salvation for our souls, and sometimes we need salvation from a particular situation. Some difficult times are for our honing and purifying, but sometimes we get into situations we should not be in, and Father God will lift us up out of them if we just ask.

In John chapter 8 Jesus meets with a woman who has been caught in adultery. The religious authorities are all for stoning her to death, as was the practice in those days, but Jesus replied that anyone who has not sinned should be the first to cast a stone at her. Of course, they all left because they all knew they had sinned before God. Jesus protected the woman, He vindicated her by telling her He was not going to stone her, and He gave her salvation by telling her not to sin anymore.





Help me to come to You today for my protection, vindication and salvation. Amen

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