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Psalm 21: 1-13 Your Heart’s Desire

by fol CHURCH on July 15, 2019

This psalm is probably linked with Psalm 20 which we read yesterday. The petitions of Psalm 20 have now become the themes for thanksgiving in Psalm 21. It can be divided into three parts. Verses 1-10 are the outpourings of a grateful King David whose heart is overflowing with praise for all the things God has done for him. Verses 7-10 speak of David’s confidence that God will defeat his enemies in battle and cause them to flee. The final verse is almost like a vow: because of such experiences of deliverance David promises to worship the Lord continually.

As I read these two psalms I was struck by the words: “his heart’s desire”. In Psalm 20 the hope is that God will give David his heart’s desire and it is linked with his plans succeeding. In Psalm 21, David pours out his grateful heart for the gift of receiving his heart’s desire. There is then a wonderful image of God greeting him, showering blessings and placing a crown of pure gold on his head. We know that David had to wait many years from the time of his anointing as King until he actually received the crown after Saul’s death. They must have been very anxious years as he was constantly on the run from Saul and his men and the references to battles we find here must have been a reality for him.

At the end of verse 2 in my Bible I have a reference to the Hebrew word: selah which appeared in some original texts. It says that it has an “uncertain meaning” but appears in the Old Testament 74 times and was probably an instruction to pause reflectively at that point.

What is your heart’s desire today? Perhaps something you would like God to do in your family or healing for yourself or someone else. Maybe you have been looking for a new job or seeking God for a fresh revelation.

St Irenaeus wrote many years ago: “The glory of God is a human being fully alive”.

The Lord wants nothing more than that we His children come to Him and tell Him our heart’s desire. He comes to greet us in that moment that we uncover our reserve and pour out our hearts. He is never too busy to hear us and never thinks that our requests are too silly or too selfish or too …. He treats us like royalty and puts the most precious crown on our heads.

Why wouldn’t we ask for what we desire most?






Selah. Pause now and spend some time with our Father God.

What is your heart’s desire? Ask for it now.

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