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Psalm 42 God’s Kindness and Love

by fol CHURCH on January 13, 2020

There are times in our lives when we may feel lonely and/or depressed. Speaking from personal experience I have never felt so far from God as at that point in time in my life. Thank the Lord that I had amazing friends around me, surrounding me with prayers and love and reminding me that God was right there. I was not alone but I was not looking in the right place – I needed to turn back to God and restore that beautiful relationship that He was waiting to have with me, and thankfully I did and am still here to tell the tale.

It is so easy at times to get so low and feel in that deep dark pit of despair, but if we can just remember that the Bible has so many examples of God’s goodness, and if we can meditate on them and distract ourselves from our situation, then we will get through to the other side. We will see the light at the end of the tunnel. God alone can satisfy our deepest longings if we look to him to provide for all we need. We may well feel abandoned, but we must fight back when we feel we will surrender to the emotions of discouragement. The season will pass and as we look to Jesus the light will dawn.

In the current political and economic problems, where there are ever increasing temptations, we need to draw near to God, thirst for his word and that will bring us back into his fellowship. God cares for us and will always lift us out of that pit. God is our refuge and strength when we lose those we love, when we are ill, when we battle with our sins, when we are persecuted and when we are separated from the house of God. We need to admit that we are wretched sinners but that we are saved by grace. God is our rock - He is immovable - we should trust in Him that we are saved, no matter on which path He leads us.

We need to talk to ourselves as the psalmist does in verse 5 – preach the truth to ourselves – God is for us so who is against us. He graciously gave His Son up for us – no-one can separate us from the love of God.









Lord Jesus – please increase my hunger and thirst to see the face of God. May You grant my desire through Your gospels as You are the image of God – Amen.

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