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Psalm 47 Contagious Praise

by fol CHURCH on January 18, 2020

There was a time when our country could legitimately call itself a Christian nation. Churches covered the land, and still do, although many are now left all but empty. The remnant in the land (and if you’re reading this that definitely includes you) are left with the monumental task of taking the gospel out to the populace once again. It is a monumental task and on the face of it we might think it unachievable. But then when you read a Psalm like this one, and I have read this in 3 different translations, (NIV, The Message and The Passion Translation) you come away feeling like anything is possible with God. Anything He wants to do is achievable.

This psalm is pure, unadulterated, jubilant praise. It draws us into a place of awe where God is lifted above all the brokenness and pain of the earth. It recognises that our Father in Heaven conquers nations and subdues the formidable powers at work on the earth. It recognises that He has already given us an amazing inheritance and that if we seek Him He can give it to us again. It was clearly written for people who lived long before us but you can feel the echoes that reverberate through the generations in between. Verse 3: “He’s the one who conquered the nations before us.” Verse 4: “He’s marked our inheritance ahead of time” (TPT). Verse 7: “For God is the King of all the earth; Sing to Him a psalm of praise.”

If I didn’t know this God already, by the end of this Psalm I’m pretty sure I’d want to. I’d want to know what He could achieve for me. As a believer I want to know what He can do for my church and for my part of the country. I want to know more about this God who “subdues the nations” (verse 3) because celebration and exuberant praise like this is contagious.









Lord God, Pour out Your Holy Spirit on us. Bless this land once again. Help us to reclaim the inheritance we’ve lost. Help us to be people who are excited by the knowledge that You are almighty. Instil in us the knowledge that at your name all other names must bow. Help us to see the strongholds and powers around us demolished for Your glory and help us to lift up Your name and exalt You Lord. Amen.

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