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Psalm 69 Do I worship well enough?

by fol CHURCH on February 14, 2020

As well as being a Messianic Psalm, Psalm 69 is also an Imprecatory Psalm.  The word “imprecate” means to curse, or to bring down evil on someone.   Psalm 69 is also the most frequently quoted Psalm in the New Testament.  It is attributed to David, and also links to Psalms 35, 40 and 109.  David hated the sins of the unrighteous and deeply desired to protect Israel, but imprecating prayer is not an example for God’s people today!  It is interesting to notice verses 35 and 36.  Can you remember when in King David’s reign the cities of Judah needed to be rebuilt, and when the people were brought back to their homes, and when the drunkards were singing in the gates, (v. 12) and his enemies about to destroy him (vs 4 and 18-19)?  It seems that some of the text of this Psalm seems to fit the times of Jeremiah and Hezekiah, for it is difficult to fit everything in this Psalm into the times of David’s reign!  Some scholars suggest that David’s Psalm finished at verse 29, and the Holy Spirit directed the prophet Jeremiah to add verses 30-36 after the fall of Judah and Jerusalem to the Babylonians. 

As we read this Psalm we quickly observe that the author “confronts” God with three important concerns.  Firstly, “Deliverance” Save Me – vs 1-18; the writer pleads with God to rescue him as if he were a drowning man, and cries out for help – “Rescue me from the mire, do not let me sink ….” V. 14 Second,” Vindication”  Judge My Enemies - vs19-29;  David calls for deliverance for the Lord’s Sake, and Third  “Praise” -  Be glorified O God – vs 30-36.  King David is famous for his devoted and outgoing worship to God and as this Psalm concludes we read in verses 30-36 that David called on heaven, earth, the seas and peoples everywhere on the earth to worship and honour Almighty God. 

Let us ask ourselves, “How do I worship God?  Is praise a daily part of my life, or does it only happen on Sundays?   We have much to thank God for and when we look back to last year or month, we recognise the goodness of God in our lives - how He has blessed and provided for all our needs.  God loves us to walk and talk with Him – we are His special children, and He desires our communication, especially when we praise and worship Him in our private quiet times as well as in our corporate worship on a Sunday or other times of each week.








Let us spend some time praising today.

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