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Psalms 122 – 123 Dependence on God in Joy and Distress

by fol CHURCH on November 19, 2021

We are still joining in the prayers of the pilgrims going up to Jerusalem. These two psalms feel very connected to their historical context – is there anything we can get out of it, living in AD 2021?

Let’s not forget we are still “pilgrim[s] through this barren land”, on our way to the promised ‘heavenly Jerusalem’, where we will be face to face with our dear heavenly Father and our gracious Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. If you have time read Revelation 21, which gives us a glimpse of this New Jerusalem – and then you too will be filled with joy as the Psalmist was!

Certain key words and phrases in this Psalm we can relate to: joy in worship; giving thanks to God; praising Him for His goodness and kindness, but also for His righteous judgments.  (The Message).

The second half of Psalm 122 encourages the pilgrims, God’s people, to pray for peace in Jerusalem – relevant back then, as well as now, as evidenced by the recent outbreak of conflict in Israel. The believers are encouraged to pray for peace, security and prosperity – all blessings promised to the faithful, to those who are devoted to the Lord and his chosen king. Let’s remember that Jesus is God’s ultimate chosen King, come to bring peace to those who accept Him. And those who do will live in peace, security and prosperity for eternity! Let’s give thanks to God and worship Him!

Yet while we live in this fallen world, there is still the reality of evil, which can break in on the community of believers at any moment and in various ways, or we can be attacked individually by sickness or other difficulties. May Psalm 123 be a reminder to keep trusting God in the midst of trials and tribulations, coming to the throne of grace, to receive help when we need it most (Hebrews 4:16).








Pray as the Spirit leads: rejoicing in God, giving thanks and worshipping Him. Why not look up the hymn ‘Guide me O though great Jehovah, pilgrim through this barren land’, and use it as a springboard for your prayers…

Intercede for your own situation, or that of a friend, neighbour, or community further afield you know about, where our brothers and sisters are harassed and persecuted, suffering ridicule, contempt, or worse, having to flee for their lives in many areas (e.g. Afghanistan, Myanmar, India, Nigeria… If you’d like to be more informed why not look up organisations such as Open Doors, Release International, CSW, etc., who are working on behalf of our hurting worldwide family in Christ)

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