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Romans 7 Freedom

by fol CHURCH on September 14, 2018

Come and see, come and see what God has done,

Come and see, come and see what Love has won,

In this place hearts and lives waking up

To the light of the world.....  Matt Redman


Before Calvary sin was powerful because it kept us from God, now sin has lost its power, because Jesus has paid the penalty: we no longer need to be separated from God, seen in the torn Temple curtain. We need not fear what God thinks of us, because He forever sees us through the lens of Calvary through the Blood of Jesus. We are free from the controlling power of sin because Jesus has freed us from this power. It’s almost too much to take in.

What would happen if we started each day declaring these truths to ourselves as we stood in front of the mirror? ...this is who I am: free, righteous, released, a citizen of a new way of living, I can please God because of what Jesus has done, habits, thought-patterns, self-destructive ways are all powerless because of the power in the blood. No longer a slave!

Paul emphasises a new citizenship and the Romans would have got this because Roman citizenship was such a powerful idea, remember how many scrapes Paul avoided because of the power of that title.  Roman citizens were subject to Roman law and protected by it, citizens of heaven are the same, subject the law of the cross of Christ and no longer subject to the law of sin and death.

Paul is absolutely clear about how trapped we were before Jesus saved us, and that each of us was created to be in relationship with God so is groaning with the guilt of never being able to do good (v,.11-24). Think about the ways those who were not Roman Citizens were treated by the Romans, Jesus amongst them.

The power of the cross changes our status, we are no longer subject to the law of sin!

We have no control over this, it has been done, it has been finished, there is no sin and there is no evil that Jesus has not sorted at Calvary, so we must rejoice. How often, instead, I forget the joy that this fact must bring. Christ has done it!

Our whole world has been redeemed, sin has been conquered for EVERYONE if we don’t tell this amazing news, no more guilt or separation, Jesus has paid it all, what are we doing?





Lord Jesus, help us, help me tell the world this good news, starting TODAY. Amen.

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