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Romans 8.1-39 Win Win Win

by fol CHURCH on September 15, 2018

These chapters are very clear arguments as to who we are in Jesus, take time to read these truths aloud over yourself: this is who you are.

We cannot manage a victorious life without Jesus in us. Jesus does not only take the power away from sin so that we are free from the punishment and the guilt and the thrall (trap, tyranny, domination) of sin and death through His once and for all death. BUT HE ALSO puts His own Spirit in us so we can please Him in how we live.  So that’s why Paul calls us more than conquerors, this is so important for us to absorb, we so easily forget or get distracted from this truth. The Roman readers would have connected with all these ideas of slavery, citizenship and law and the idea of being on the winning side. In Corinthians, Paul reminds us that Jesus leads us in victory procession, something that the Roman readers would have seen, the defeated on display, the victors celebrating. He has conquered death and sin and it remains for us to live in that truth, rejoicing always that the Holy Spirit equips us to do that. 

So the battle seems to be about surrendering, about putting our self-belief to death and receiving Christ’s competency instead. And that seems to be for me a lifelong battle, trying over and over to do things in my own strength, when the power that raised Jesus from the dead is available to me. This must affect not only the way we look at our daily lives, but I am challenged about how judgmental I am of others, I really easily forget that the Grace so wonderfully given to me has been given to all, even the people I think are beyond forgiveness.

Jesus, please work in us that we would be as SURE and CERTAIN as Paul was in You.

Thank you for Your amazing Holy Spirit who spoke to Paul, once such an enemy of You, now reconciled to You as we are! We stand amazed. Amen.





Take time to pray through all the situations you’re in now that seem to be separating you from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus. Declare over each one that it cannot keep you from Jesus and cannot but come under the power of the Cross, the power of the Blood. Alleluia, the Victory’s in Your Blood

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