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Titus 2 Living a Godly Life

by on November 21, 2023

I can remember for a long time before I committed my life to Jesus having this picture of what a Christian should look like, how they should behave and the moral standards they should maintain. I would hear people say “calls himself/herself a Christian, not setting a very good example is he/she” on those occasions when they appear not to display the standard of life expected of them. Another comment I have occasionally heard is that Christians are kill joys and that they’re not allowed to engage in any fun activities or that they’re seen as holier than thou. Becoming a Christian means giving up the right to enjoy life or engage in ‘normal’ activities. It’s strange how the Church and those who call themselves Christians are portrayed on TV dramas or in fictional stories.

You and I know that none of that is true, that much of what is represented in the media is from a perspective that is misconstrued or misunderstood. The morals and conduct of individuals described in chapter two of Paul’s letter to Titus is not only required and expected of Christians but of all humanity as a standard of life to be followed. The list of instructions given to Titus in verses 1-10 are for various groups within the Church; they are tailored for older men, older women, younger men and younger women specifically to be as an example of righteous living. They are characteristics one would expect of anyone, Christian or not. Characteristics like self-control, faithfulness, love, dignity are all attributes we would expect of any human being showing respect and love to all regardless of their faith or beliefs. The qualities Paul describes are to be grounded in the grace God gives to each of us and it is His grace that is the foundation on which they are built.









What do you say to someone who might refer to you as ‘holier than thou’ or a kill joy simply because you are a Christian? Which of those attributes listed by Paul in this chapter do you need to address in your life?


Heavenly Father, I pray that you would help me to display those characteristics worthy to be recognised as a follower of Jesus. May I be humble and respectful of those who may challenge me and be gracious as you are gracious in my response. Thank you that you are a forgiving God and the you put me on the right path when I go astray. Amen.

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