We don’t build idols or erect Asherah poles (v.3), but I know I can be guilty of not always getting out of God’s way when He is wanting and waiting to do HIS thing. We’re too busy doing our thing to notice. Think about the appearance of the LORD when Isaiah has his vision – HE totally filled the temple and there was no room for anything else! It speaks of the abundance of GOD; ruin, destruction, famine and remnant are the opposites of this and are brought about by the direction of worship being focussed on our needs and desires and not on Him. Most of the worship connected to Asherah poles etc., was to do with fertility: making the crops grow, for example, and involved fertility rites demanding sexual activity. There was much for humans to do to make the gods act: such a contrast with Yahweh, the one invisible God who wanted trust and relationship and could not be forced to ACT because of the ACTS of humans.

We’re very good at making things with our fingers – not necessarily creating idols, but definitely creating and acquiring things, ‘stuff’. We start to worship and focus on these things instead of the Lord. We want to be DOING and God instead asks for something more difficult: He asks for our hearts.

And it does seem to me that it is about what we focus on. We let our gaze be torn away from the cross and its glory, to so many bright and shiny things of this world. Not things that are particularly inherently sinful as such, but things which draw us away.

Later in Isaiah, God talks about different sorts of fasting – and the special sort that will ‘break the bounds of wickedness and let the oppressed go free’. Sometimes we need to abstain from lovely good things – food, drinks, and phones (?) – in order to tear our gaze away from the world and look back to Him; to shift the way we use our time and our brainpower, to regroup. Isaiah urges Judah to look to the LORD to stop comparing themselves with these other lands and looking to them for help and rescue, when it’s God who’s going to do it.












Pray for God to totally fill up your space, your life, and that you will deliberately make room for Him to do that.  Sit and wait for him – ‘I’m not going anywhere without your presence, Jesus, totally filling me.’

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