(This passage is also referenced in 2 Kings 15:5-7)


Uzziah of Judah was a good king through most of his reign – unfortunately he lacked thankfulness to God and became so puffed up with pride that he thought he could do anything he wanted – as many of us will have experienced he too found that this didn’t work out so well!

Uzziah decided that he could go into the Holy place in the temple and burn his own incense on the altar. This privileged task was reserved for only the priests who were the descendants of Aaron. Only they had the right to fulfil the temple duties (Exodus 30:7-8; Numbers 16:40) and anyone else who came to this altar would die (Numbers18:7). Azariah and 80 priests stood with Uzziah explaining that he could not do such a thing as it was disloyal and dishonouring to God and so they asked him to leave, however, Uzziah became angry so God acted and an earthquake occurred with a hole forming in the roof of the temple, through this opening a bright light shone onto Uzziah’s face and he immediately became infected with leprosy. As he was now ceremonially unclean the priests had no choice but to physically remove Uzziah from the temple. He was disgraced and would be cut off from society. How mortifying this must have been for a man of great power and wealth to then be forced to live separately from everyone. His son Jotham had to then take charge of the palace and govern the people.

Unfortunately for Uzziah he was then remembered more for his arrogance and lack of respect for Gods laws than he was for all the good that he had done in the earlier years of his reign.

What a lesson to us all that even when we are successful we must still acknowledge what God has given us and be thankful for it. When people are in a position of power they sometimes think that they are above the law, however, even the most successful in society are expected to obey the laws that God has made. We must always remember to give him the glory for what we have and use our gifts in ways that honour the Lord our God.













Dear Lord – we thank you for your word that constantly helps us to understand the people that you want us to be. Your love and patience is never-ending and we eagerly await the day when we will see heaven come down to earth as you have promised. Thank you, heavenly Father, Amen.

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