After hearing God’s response to his concerns and learning that both Judah and Babylon will indeed be punished in due course for their wickedness, Habakkuk finds rest and consolation for his spirit with a prayer that concludes his conversation with God.  Written in the style of a Psalm, he declares his confidence and trust in the who God is and makes one beautiful request in 3:2,

“Renew your fame, renew your awesome deeds in our day.  In our time, make them known and in wrath, please remember mercy.”

The bigness and awesomeness of who God is does not escape Habakkuk’s attention, which also includes the greatness of His father-heart and ability to bestow mercy in the midst of judgement.  Habakkuk’s plea was to see God’s power again, in his day, in his situation.  He had been brought up on the retelling of Israel’s history, how God had performed miracles and wondrous signs and cataclysmic events to set His people free from Egypt, but Habakkuk wanted to see that kind of power for himself.  He was impatient for things to be put right and understandably so!

Then comes the acknowledgement in verse 16 “…Yet I will wait patiently for the day…”  Sometimes God’s timing doesn’t line up with our timing.  We want a healing immediately, we want deliverance today, we want our breakthrough now and understandably so! Do we give up when it doesn’t happen? Or do we realign ourselves with God’s sovereignty and awesomeness and mercy and rejoice in the Lord anyway?  Can we join Habakkuk in his song of praise and be joyful in God our Saviour when there is no apparent fruit, no resources and the cupboard is bare?

In the midst of an enemy invasion and war, Habakkuk not only managed to find his hope in the Lord, he also rejoiced and strengthened himself in God’s sovereignty, and in doing so, found himself on the heights with sure footed confidence!











Take a few moments to check your alignment.  Use Habakkuk’s prayer to declare your position in the Lord today and see the big picture as you climb to the heights and hear from His heart.

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