Today’s reading is God’s prophecy, through Ezekiel, to Pharaoh King of Egypt. Verse 1 tells us when this word came to Pharaoh so that we can date the prophecy – it came in the eleventh year after King Jehoiachin was taken captive into Babylon, telling us it was around 587 BC.

This prophecy is God telling Pharaoh that he is like the King of Assyria who was so proud, yet God brought him down using the Chaldeans; and Pharaoh has become like the King of Assyria in his pride, and he too will be brought down by God.

This passage talks a lot about the Assyrians. In verse 3 God likens Pharaoh to the Assyrians; and the Assyrians to a cedar. Cedars are one of the largest trees in Israel and grew on the mountains of Lebanon, hence the saying, “Cedars of Lebanon”. These trees were highly prized for their beauty; and their wood, when cut down, was exploited by many nations.

So, when God likens the Pharaoh to a cedar, he is telling him that he has become a great and mighty King like the King of Assyria, but because of his pride in himself, also like the King of Assyria, he is going to be cut down.

God cannot stand pride. The first words that Jesus says in His Sermon on the Mount are, “Blessed are the poor in spirit” – Matthew 5 v.3. Being “poor in spirit” means knowing where we are in relation to God, knowing that He is the Almighty One, and we are the work of His hands. We become proud when we think of ourselves much more highly than we ought; when we think we have made ourselves who we are; that if we are successful in any way, we could think we have made it by ourselves. How untrue! We are gifted in things because our Father God made us that way, and any good thing in our lives is there because our Father gave it to us.  This does not mean we don’t have to work at things, we do. Paul tells us in Colossians 3:23, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart”, but we must always remember that we are where we are, and we have what we have, because our Father has given it to us.


















Prayer: Lord, help me to see any pride in my life today, and give it up to You. Amen

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