This is perhaps the top ‘evangelism training’ chapter in the Bible, so let’s review its key points today:

Jesus follows a prompting of the Holy Spirit to go through Samaria (v.4). In all our planning, we should be open to God’s gentle way of ‘re-directing’ our day sometimes, for His own purposes.

‘Jesus, tired from the journey, sat down by the well’.  Though tired, Jesus is never off-duty and is always watching and listening for this Father’s voice.

Sensing the Holy Spirit drawing his attention to this woman, He initiates a conversation with her. Starting a conversation with someone is a bridge that we may be able to walk across with the Gospel. There may be opportunity to say how we came to faith, or advertise an Alpha course, or pray for a particular need.

Despite all sorts of social and religious reasons why he shouldn’t, Jesus asks the woman for a drink. (Men didn’t talk to women, Jews didn’t talk to Samaritans and Jews wouldn’t have used a drinking cup belonging to a Samaritan.) We must reach people at their level and identify with their world.  What a huge culture shift it must have been for Jesus to come from heaven to earth in order to identify with us! (Phil. 2:5-8).

He uses a word of knowledge to expose information about her which has a massive impact on her. The gifts of the Spirit are given to us as tools in the work of bringing God’s kingdom to the earth.  Let’s be alert and praying that God will use these supernatural signs to point to Jesus as we engage with people.

The woman asks Him the big theological question of the Samaritans.  She is often thought to be deflecting Jesus from her personal life.  But equally she may have been a thirsty soul in more ways than one.  Perhaps we find a woman with opinions and questions that were disregarded in a male-dominated world. Jesus takes her question seriously and gives her a serious, revelatory answer, culminating in his open declaration to her that He is the Messiah. Let us guard against being influenced by any sort of prejudice which might stop us treating people with equality.














 Prayer:  Lord let me see those around me through your eyes.  Let me listen for your words for them.  Grant me revelatory gifts that will act as signs and wonders pointing to you. Help me to accord every individual value and dignity.  Amen

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