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There are three accounts in this part of Elisha’s story, him parting the waters of the Jordan, him healing the waters around Jericho, and him cursing a group of young men who were mocking him.

As Elisha was travelling through Bethel a group of young men started mocking him so he cursed them and they got mauled by bears.  It goes to show that it’s a very bad idea to say things against God’s anointed as they are His representatives on Earth and, before the Cross and Jesus paying the price for all our sins, the end result would not have been good.

We all need to have reverence for God and those who represent Him, God is the almighty creator of Heaven and Earth, the one who created and holds all things in the palm of His hand so we should love and honour Him and those who represent Him here on earth because whatever we say to them, we say to Him, whatever we think about them, we think about Him.  BUT that isn’t just the one or two people in leadership we know and encounter we need to honour and love every believer because we are all Christ’s body and His spirit is in us, we are all a Royal Priesthood, a Holy nation and those whom God loves.

We can take this even further though, it’s not just God and believers  we mustn’t say things against, we mustn’t mock or say unkind things to or about anyone because we are all created in God’s image and importantly, we are called to love everyone as a signpost to who God is – the all loving father, we are all representatives of the Most High King who draws everyone to Himself and although He may not like some of our actions, His heart is always to restore the connection to Him.

When we say anything against others, it’s no different to saying those exact same things to God and although we aren’t going to be cursed and mauled by bears, it grieves God and that is a downward spiral to quenching His spirit in you – rather than being led by the Spirit and changing the atmosphere of those around you, you’ll become no different to those who don’t know Him and we are called to be lights in the dark place and to be the salt and light to the world.








Lord, help us to love all people. Give us your eyes, so we can see them how you do.

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