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During Elisha’s travels, the wife of a group of prophets who worked with Elisha came to him and told him that a creditor is threatening to take her sons as slaves to pay for a debt – Elisha’s response is to not ask questions of the situation but he has a heart of compassion and wants to help her, or rather to use the situation for a miracle and to glorify God.

First of all though, she had to humble herself and admit that she needed help from God and go to Him (represented by Elisha) and ask. That takes courage, but also the faith to know that God can fix the problem.  Elisha doesn’t solve the problem for her but creates an opportunity for God to move and reveal something of Himself to her and those she would have told after.

What I love about this story is that just as Jesus does, Elisha allows the woman to perform the miracle (as in the loaves and fish where He gets the disciples to do it – Matt 14:16) also, he uses what she already has (the little she already possesses) but allows others to be part of the miracle as well (she borrows jars from others). She then just needs to obey – sometimes it’s that simple for us to receive what our Father has for us (ask, believe, act, receive).

He asks her to gather as many jars as she can. I wonder at what point did she say “I have enough jars now”, or was it “I’m sure I have too many, how will these all get filled?”  She does exactly what she’s told and begins to pour out the oil which keeps coming and coming and coming until all the jars she owned and borrowed were full – she sold the oil and had enough money to pay off the people she owed, plus more.

I really like the simplicity of this, her humility to admit a problem but her boldness in knowing God could resolve the situation and the faith she had to do what would have seemed ridiculous at the time but she received her miracle and even had some left over!  What an amazing God we have!  It seems that whenever God multiplies something, there isn’t ever just enough but there’s always something extra, that little bit more.  He really is the God of abundance and loves to give it away.
















Thank you God that you provide in abundance! Spend time thanking God for all that He has provided for you.

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