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This part of the story starts with the boy having a pain in his head, and dying. Not the way to start a story – especially as God has previously blessed this woman with this son – doesn’t seem to make much sense! (There is lots we could go into here – about trusting God, and his timing and purposes, and living in faith when things don’t seem to make sense – see what Father God wants to say to you).

I love how the woman handled this devastating event – She comes across with an air of confidence or is it faith? She told her husband all will be OK and when Elisha asked her she said everything was fine! Not the response I would have if my son was dead! She went straight to Elisha – and challenged him on what she had previously said ‘“Did I ask you for a son, my Lord? And didn’t I say, ‘Don’t deceive me and get my hopes up’?” (v.28). She isn’t accepting her son’s death as the end – She is going back and holding God to His promise that she would have a son, and just for a couple of years was not OK!

Elisha came back to the woman’s house, and did something quite odd, after praying to God – He laid on top of the child – and to me, it seems like his spirit give the boy life again. The boy rose from the dead. Was the women expecting her son to be brought back to life, when she went to Elisha?

There is so much we could take from this story. But, the phrase that has been floating in my head since reading it numerous times is ‘do we give up too quickly’? Do we stop and assume that once things have gone wrong that, that is the end of the journey? I think most of the time, it is just the beginning! God can use ALL things (Romans 8:28). We just need to trust and turn to Him. We might not understand the ‘why’ – why did God bless this woman with a son, for him to die young and then for God to give him life again? But understanding the why isn’t the answer we should be searching for – but the WHO is God in this, WHERE is He in the situation, and WHAT are you going to do – HOW are you going to respond?
















Lord, help us to have faith in the difficult situations, and to keep our eyes fixed on you and moving forward on our journey with you.

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