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Elisha gets a harpist and gets ready to be God’s person in a very ungodly situation where GOD ultimately demonstrates His power and goodness to those who only pay him at best lip service.

The kings call on God when it’s convenient, the last resort after the political wheeling and dealing have got them nowhere but dying of thirst in a desert. They use a spiritual language – God’s called us together whereas it appeared really they hadn’t consulted God at all.

But Elisha was there already!  He wasn’t separating himself off from this dodgy trio, off somewhere with his prophet chums of yesterday’s reading.  Instead he’s poised, ready to get glory for God – ‘Get me a harpist!’  I’m often in a situation at work where I’m the only believer, am I prepared to allow God into these situations so He can change them? Am I able to be open enough to You, Jesus that I can let You into such situations.

Elisha doesn’t fuss, he doesn’t really make them beg – he queries why they’d ask the God they’d so roundly rejected to help now, but he doesn’t make a meal of it. Let’s pray for a day when the leaders of our land suddenly realise that God’s ways may be the best solution!

The people do what they’re told; there is God’s authority and confidence about Elisha that everyone sees. Elisha is God’s man; the kings know about him, they know about Elijah. Is my life going to get people talking and trusting any integrity I might have that points to God?

Digging ditches – is one of the stories about Elisha that follows a kind of pattern – a repeated motif – people asked to do something – an action that’s like an act of faith. Dig ditches because God’s going to fill them and use what was asked for to accomplish even more glory to Himself. Imagine those very thirsty soldiers digging in the desert and then having to wait till morning to get that drink! Our response may have been to conserve energy not expend more.  So there’s the other lesson: digging ditches in a desert because tomorrow God’s going to fill them, He’s going to come to us and refresh and revive us for the next battle. Our logic might tell us to conserve energy, to wait for the Lord to act first but there are times when the call is to dig first. God didn’t do the digging in this story, the people had to – just like He didn’t provide all those bottles for the oil – action was required, part of the provision was an obedient response, an action.











Heavenly Father, help us to recognise that being part of your plan requires us to be active in its execution.

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