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Have you ever been in a situation where you had a particular need and you couldn’t see how that need was going to be met? It’s happened to me a great deal and the longer I’ve walked (or at least tried to walk) with God the more I’ve come to understand that his sense of providing for our needs doesn’t very often match the need. More often than not his provision exceeds what we were originally looking for. Sometimes little details that we might have overlooked get picked up and his blessing is just poured out.

As an example, quite a few years ago my wife and I found ourselves in a situation where we had moved to a new area, had no work, a small baby to look after and a mortgage and bills to pay. In an unbelievably short time God had provided us with a job, enough income to live on and had given us money to cover some of the bills that we hadn’t been able to deal with ourselves. We were so blessed that we managed to get through that difficult time without having to make any cutbacks or to stop tithing. Within a year I had a better job with even better income and increased stability.

There were lots of things going on in the story of the floating axe head. The number of prophets loyal to Elisha had increased, they needed more living space and wanted to go to the Jordan to find the materials to build something bigger. Elisha’s use of the word “Go” suggests he was happy for them to go but he wasn’t planning to make the trip himself but a little persuasion changed his mind. The loss of the axe head seems quite trivial but it didn’t belong to the man using it and he clearly couldn’t afford to replace it so he called on a greater prophet than he was himself and Elisha performed a miracle.

The miraculous occurs in all kinds of ways. Sometimes it’s in God’s provision of ordinary material things that we see it, sometimes it’s more dramatic but it is always so that people see God at work and know that he is blessing them. We know that by all the laws of physics some things should not float but God has mastery over all the elements because he created them and so he can overcome the things that we find impossible.















Lord God, help me to see your hand at work, help me to recognise the things you’re doing and remind me to give you thanks and praise for all of your blessings. Amen.

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