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(This passage is also referenced in 2 Chronicles 22:7, 9-12)


God had firmly decided to end the rule of Ahab’s family. This wicked family controlled both Israel and Judah. Jehu would be God’s agent to carry out the punishment. If Jehu failed Elisha himself would have to carry it out. But Jehu would not fail.

We cannot be sure why Elisha didn’t travel to Ramoth Gilead himself to anoint Jehu. Maybe he was too old to undertake the long journey. I like to think Elisha wanted it to remain a secret and so sent an unknown prophet. Elisha was recognised as God’s prophet and people would have known he came with an important message.

Once Jehu had been privately anointed, he didn’t want to be open with his officers about it. Initially he told his men that the prophet was a mad man, perhaps wanting to plot secretly to kill Ahabs’ family or possibly to be sure of their support for him. His men insisted that Jehu tell them the truth and when he did their loyalty to him was never in doubt.  Demonstrated by throwing their cloaks on the floor for Jehu to stand on. They also declared publicly that Jehu was the anointed king.

We should be clear here that Jehu’s father was not the same Jehoshaphat who had ruled Judah.

Jehu sets about complying with the will of God. First he kills king Joram, son of Jezebel followed by Ahaziah then Jezebel. She’d been responsible for introducing Baal worship to Israel and had murdered many of God’s prophets. She had arranged the murder of Naboth and caused much of the evil that now existed in Israel. She had to die. Jezebel heard of the death of her son Joram but instead of mourning she made herself look as attractive as possible. Finally she was thrown from a window by her servants and trampled by passing horses. Jehu didn’t order her body to be guarded as he went to the palace so dogs ate her remains and fulfilled the word of God (1 Kings 21:23). So Jehu was obedient and carried out the commands given to him by God.

We are reminded that God knows the beginning and the end; it demonstrates His awesome power. When man goes against the will of God, as Ahab and his family did, God will have the last word, and no matter what we try to achieve it will only endure the test of time if God allows it so to do!










Father God thank you that you are almighty. Help me to be in your will and obedient to your word always. Amen.

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