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(This passage is also referenced in 2 Chronicles 22:8)


So God had appointed Jehu to carry out his punishment against Ahab’s family. But Jehu was not a good man (v.31). He served God when he acted against Ahab’s descendants (v.30). But Jehu was too cruel. He killed people he should not have killed (Hosea 1:4). Yesterday we read that Jehu had killed Joram, Ahaziah and Jezebel. God had clearly told him to kill them as punishment (9: 7-10). They were Jehu’s most powerful enemies in Israel. But God also said no male descendants of Ahab were to remain alive.

So Jehu continues his rule and gains the loyalty of the Samaritan people and persuades them to bring him the heads of Ahab’s descendants in a basket. He goes on to reassure the Samaritan people that they were innocent of King Joram’s death and that ultimately the prophecy of Elijah had come true.

Next Jehu carried out the worst act of his reign. He had already killed all the male descendants of Ahab as per the word of God together with anyone who may pose a threat to his rule. But still he went through Jezreel (v.11) and killed everyone he did not like there. God had not told him to kill friends and officers of Ahab and nor did he tell him to kill other relatives of Ahab. Jehu did this because he wanted total control of Israel. In the end God would punish the family of Jehu because of his actions in Jezreel (Hosea 1:4).

In verse 13-14 we read of yet more killing, this time of the relatives of Ahaziah. Jehu then meets up with a group of Recabite people being led by a man called Jehonadab. These people believed Baal worship was wrong. When asked if they were loyal to Jehu Jehonadab said they were. He was then invited to ride in Jehu’s chariot with him and witness his killing of all the remaining family members of Ahab who were in Samaria.

At best we might say that Jehu was mistaken in his actions or he could have just become so in love with the idea of having so much power that he determined nothing and no one was going to stand in his way.















Help us Lord to keep our eyes fixed on you and your will. Amen.

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