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Jehu and Jehonadab were in complete agreement about their plans to oppose the worship of the false god Baal but it seems that their reasons for that opposition were quite different. Jehu opposed Baal worship for practical and selfish reasons. He wanted to establish a strong government that he controlled totally and utterly. He could see that the Baal worshippers would be against him.  He was responsible for the death of the family of Ahab who had been the person who introduced Baal worship to Israel. Jehonadab’s reasons to oppose Baal worship were altogether more sincere. You can read in Jeremiah 35 about the characteristics and attitudes of the people called Rehabites. They were a very loyal people and Jehonadab probably opposed Baal worship because he was loyal to the Lord.

Jehu was cunning and thought of a way to get all the worshippers of Baal together in one place. He made out there was to be a special ceremony to honour Baal and all those who worshipped him came to their temple. Once they were all inside the temple Jehu gave the order to his men to kill every person therein. Having slaughtered all the people the temple was totally destroyed. Reduced to a pile of stones and no one ever worshipped there again.

So God’s prophecy about the punishment of the family of Ahab came true. The people went on to destroy the religion of the false god Baal. But that religion continued to be practiced in other places and the people of Israel would continue to be unfaithful to the Lord. Even Jehu went on to worship other idols.

So what can we learn from today’s reading and the reign of Jehu. It might be that if we receive a word from the Lord we should be careful to be precise in following His instructions and word, doing no more and no less. Also perhaps we should be mindful of our own ego and the temptation to satisfy it. We should try to die to self and live only for God.



















Father God I pray that I may always do enough and never too much. Amen.

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