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(This passage is also referenced in 2 Kings 12:1-18)


From this passage we learn that King Joash did what was right in the eyes of the Lord whilst he was under the mentorship and instruction of the Priest Jehoiada.  However, after Jehoiada’s death Joash came under the influence of the idolatrous officials of Judah.

The frailty of Joash is evident from this passage; despite the good influence of the Priest on Joash he was easily led astray and went so far as to arrange for the priest’s son Zechariah to be killed when he challenged Joash for his disobedience to God and his behaviours. We all have a need for wise counsel but the bad influence of others can infect us and take us away from God’s work.

We can talk about young people mixing with the wrong crowd and being swayed, not always helpfully, by their peers. For the parents amongst us we can be their mentors and encourage them in the ways of the Lord. We can also pray protection over our children so they are not persuaded to become involved in ungodly behaviours. Even if readers are not parents you can pray for the young people in our church. Adults too can succumb to the wrong influences.

























To whom do you go for wise counsel? To whom are you accountable?  If there is no one in your life who can do this for you ask the Lord to lead you to the right person who can encourage, guide and mentor you in your walk with the Lord.

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