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Chapter 6 focuses on the rebellion against God. The first three verses read like a child’s expectations of forgiveness even though they know they have done wrong.  ‘I’ve been really naughty but he or she or they will come around and it will be alright again.’  ‘I’ll say I’m sorry and they will pick me up and hug just like they always do.’  I was once asked, ‘Does it really matter if we sin, because God will always forgive us?’  My answer was that of course it matters.  Now, years later, I have the experience of being a parent myself. Yes, of course I will always forgive my children, but it really hurts when they do anything which either they know will make me unhappy, or they don’t bother to consider how their actions will affect me. After all, God is our father in heaven and He feels just as we do when our children hurt us.

Eventually, if our children continue to behave in an unacceptable manner, we may consider that a punishment of some kind is appropriate. Try to be proportionate with that punishment just as with our justice system, through the judiciary, we try to award appropriate penalties to those who offend against our laws.

Chapter 7 continues to speak of Israel’s rebellion against God. It makes painful reading and we can feel the sadness in this prophecy. Know now that God so loved the world he gave His only son!  At the time of this prophecy, the people of God could look back at times when God had been almost visible, for example, in the cloud that guided them through the wilderness after the exodus from Egypt. His signs and wonders had been demonstrated by many if not all of His prophets and His almighty power was demonstrated undeniably. Oh, how we fall short of God’s faithfulness to us every day. Jesus is indeed our redeemer and salvation. However, it is the demonstration of that faithfulness in all that we do which speaks louder and longer than any words we may speak or hear spoken.


















Thank you Lord that you have redeemed me. Please remind me when I forget all that you gave for me so that I can know that I am called a child of God. Amen.

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