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Wow, where do we start? You could skip through without paying too much attention to it. You might think, God is putting down judgement upon an Israel in sin, let’s get to the good bits. However, doing that would mean that you’d miss God’s mercy in it! If you read to the end of the book you see how God brings Israel to repentance. Redemption happens.

If you read through chapters 9 and 10 you get glimpses of what it was like when Israel was walking with God. Chapter 9:10, ‘When I found Israel it was like finding grapes in the desert; when I saw your ancestors, it was like seeing the early fruit on the fig tree.’ This shows so much hope! Have you ever spoken to someone who has lost their way and you have gone to them and spoken truth over them, reminding them who they are and where they’ve come from? This is what God is doing! As a good father God is disciplining His children showing them what stepping out of His will and glory looks like. Yet, He reminds them of where they have come from. He reminds them of the hope of where they can return to.

The name Hosea means Safety or Saviour. Hosea brought a message of judgement from the Lord, however, through this it gave God’s children such safety. Knowing boundaries brings safety to children as they know where they stand. As children of God that safety brings us back to our Saviour.

Today I sat with a man to pray and minister with him. He talked about how he knows the God’s goodness, but he keeps messing up and walking away. He was honest with me saying that he isn’t ready to choose God today, he just can’t do it. However, he knows not to mess with Him. He knows the cost of not following God, and that brings the fear of the Lord. It puts him in a really bad situation because when you know God in all his mighty and glorious love but still choose sin, it brings you into true rebellion. Israel knew but chose to walk away, so judgement had to come. (Psalm 2:10-11, 1 Samuel 12:14-15) However, mercy always triumphs over judgement and as you keep reading you see this play out through repentance.















Thank you, Jesus, for saving us from our sins! Thank you that we have the option to choose you again and again. Father God we thank you for your mercy that ALWAYS triumphs over judgement as we choose you. You are so beautiful and we are so thankful.

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