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As I go through chapter 11 I want to weep as I hear a father pleading to His children. These children who were enslaved in Egypt were rescued by Him in His goodness. He poured His loved on them as His prized procession, as His children. (v.4) Even through Him loving them deeply they still chose to walk away from Him. (v.2) God warned them that if they kept walking away from Him they were going backwards and could end up back in slavery in Egypt.

Many times I have seen people go backwards as they step out of Gods perfect will for them. They had behaviour patterns that kept them in slavery such as addictions, rebellion or even pride. All that sin keeps us away from all God has for us, even after we have walked with God. God would always call us back into His perfect love but we should choose to turn back to Him.

If you look at Galatians 4:1-7 it shows such truth. As the Lord calls us by name, as we become sons and daughters of His, our spirit can’t help but cry out ‘Abba Father.’ So, as He calls our name, we cry His name and then He cries our name. We are in a perfect relationship with Him as we focus on each other. He has our complete attention and we have His. However, it takes this complete focus on Him.

In chapter 10 the rebellion is explained in depth. It looks at how the land was divided and how their hearts were divided. In this three is great wisdom and understanding, laying it out on a blanket before everyone to see. It helps us to not walk backwards once we recognise the pattern of the slavery we read about here.




















Father God I thank you that through your love you call us by name. You call us to walk further with you and to not go backwards. Father we don’t want slavery, but we want freedom, the freedom that you bought for us through your son Jesus! Amen.

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