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Chapter 13 and 14 cry out ‘Return to me oh Israel, do you not know who I am?!’ A couple of months ago I felt like I was in a good place with God. I felt content and that I knew Him well, so well that as I was in conversation with Him I said the following; ‘God I feel like I know you really well, we are in just in a good place.’ What a mistake!

The next week I was facing some fears and God brought some truth to me. He made me realise that if I really knew Him, in all His glory, I wouldn’t be fearful. Such a wonderful truth! If I grasp who He truly is then I know who I am, as his daughter. Simply because I am in Him and He is in me, we are in relationship. (John 14:20)

Israel, God’s people, had lost their way. They has forgotten who God was and therefore they forgot who they were. They went back into the bondage of sin, making themselves slaves again.

However, in chapter 14 God reveals the secret of how to get out! Praise the Lord we don’t have to stay lost! This secret is repentance! This repentance is a beautiful gift that bring refreshment like dew (14:5). Repentance is the thing that throws all the sin back down and brings us into remembrance of who we are! Once we repent we get back into the position of knowing our identity and the one who holds us! Just like when I had to deal with fears. Sitting in a pit of fear doesn’t do any me any good, but deceives me into believing that I am a scared person. However, that is not my identity. I am a child of God who He beckons at every moment of every day. A Father God who gave everything for us so we don’t have to be enslaved anymore. This is simply beautiful.

















God you are wonderful, thank you for doing all you have done for us. Time and time again you have disciplined us to direct us out of the pits of sin that we choose to sit in. In this your mercy shines and we get to kneel before you and repent. We get to go back into that perfect relationship with you. God you are simply amazing and I ask you that today we go deeper into learning more about you.

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