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Following on from the last verse of chapter 24, this chapter bursts into a song of praise. It is a wonderful Old Testament Magnificat! (Compare Luke 1:46-55).

In light of the severe judgements dished out in yesterday’s chapter, it is a relief to be reminded of God’s ‘perfect faithfulness’ and the ‘wonderful things’ he has done (v.1b).  We are also reassured that this is not new for God. These are ancient plans that rise above history and human will. God is the ‘Ancient of Days’, he existed before days were even created – he is the beginning and the end!

Isaiah uses poetic imagery from nature’s extremes (v.4-5a) to celebrate not only the victory to come, over the enemies of God, but, also the refuge already to be found in Him while evil wages war around us.  Picture a boat secure and safe in the harbour while the seas rage beyond the walls. As I write this, we are experiencing a bit of a heat wave, but that is nothing compared to the intense heat of Israel in the height of summer, where few would survive without water and shade.

Not only will God be a refuge and shelter from adversity, he also prepares a feast for us. A joyful celebration with amazing and plentiful delights, the best food and wine. What a party! (Compare with Psalm 23).

Death, the last enemy is destroyed in Verse 8. And tears are wiped away by the Lord himself, reminding us of a similar verse in Rev 21:4.

“In that day’ (v.9), the people will respond with thankfulness and joy. The word translated ‘trusted in’ (NIV) and ‘waited for’ (KJV) has a sense of eager anticipation: a longing for; a ‘hoping in’ that is satisfied when the Lord responds. There is something in each of us that recognises that all is not well with the world and our soul longs for the fulfilment of God’s redemptive plans at the end of days. But it is also good to remind ourselves that He is our ‘shelter’ and ‘shade’ right now as we live in a broken world.







Choose a verse (or a few if you like) from chapter 25 that speaks into your situation or encourages you. Write it out on a piece of paper and then read it out loud. Now, stand up, hold the paper out in front of you and proclaim it as if you are announcing to a crowd of people. Repeat it a few times. Take the paper with you today and remind yourself of the verse(s) throughout the day.

“Surely this is our God; we trusted in him, and he saved us!”

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