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I sometimes wonder if we get our praise and worship to God right. When you read a passage like todays and you absorb the depth in the imagery and thoughtfulness that’s gone into the words some of our worship songs can seem to come up a little short in the descriptive department. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy singing them or that God doesn’t enjoy hearing us sing them but songs like the one in chapter 26 are crammed full of imagery and poetic language.

There won’t be space to examine all of the text in detail here but let’s look at a couple of examples. Verse 1 begins with the image of a city where the walls and ramparts, built by God, are made of salvation. The word salvation means redeemed or delivered and when it’s linked to an image of walls and ramparts the reader is filled with a sense of the power and strength of the builder. These are fortifications that have been designed to be completely impenetrable.

Verse 2 contains a request that the gates to this fortress of redemption are opened to the righteous and we know that as we read those words they apply to us. In Isaiah’s time God the Father held the promise of salvation in the future; for us it is Jesus who opened the gates to the New Jerusalem with the sacrifice of His own life.

Jumping forward a little we read in verses 16-18 that the people came to God in their distress “as a woman with child about to give birth.” The image portrayed is one of great pain and speaks of the huge effort required to bring a child into the world. However, we’re told that all that effort produced nothing only “giving birth to wind” (v.18). The verses eloquently paint a picture of human endeavours producing very little because they failed to engage with the power, presence and strength of the God who called all things into being.

The whole chapter praises God for His love, power, grace and mercy. It draws the reader into a place of awe at His feet and demands that we consider all that God does for us in the unseen realms of heaven. It speaks of the hope of resurrection and of the hope of things to come and places all the glory at the feet of our Creator God.







Father of all, thank you for your abundant blessings, help us to people who worship you in Spirit and in truth giving you thanks and praise for your magnificent provision for us. Amen.

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