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Isaiah was a prophet who prophesied through the reign of four Kings. By Isaiah 32 we are in the reign of King Hezekiah.

Hezekiah was worried because Sennacherib, King of Assyria, a very powerful enemy, is close. Hezekiah wanted to protect his people and asked Egypt to join his forces, but through Isaiah, God sent a message to Hezekiah saying, “Don’t look to Egypt for your help, look to Me.”

In chapter 32 Isaiah speaks of a time when, “a King shall reign in righteousness”, (v.1). He is of course, talking about the Lord Jesus, who is the only King Who can reign in complete righteousness. Isaiah speaks of the Lord’s princes ruling in justice and being a protection from bad things; being like streams of water in a dry place. In other words, when the Lord Jesus rules on earth in what we know as the Millennium, then everything will be according to God’s order.

In verse 10, Isaiah comes back to the present. He talks of when Israel is invaded by the Assyrian army; he says this is how it is going to be until, “the Spirit is poured from on high” (v.5). For the rest of the chapter, he goes back to the Millennial Kingdom and how it will be when Jesus takes up the throne of His father, David.

Things are no different for us. Yes, we live under the New Covenant, and yes, we do have the shed blood of our Lord Jesus to cleanse us, but the principle of walking with God, is just the same. It’s like God has a big umbrella. If we walk close to Him, we’ll be covered from the worst that our enemy can throw at us. Move away from God, and we lose the covering of His umbrella, and are open to all that our enemy can throw at us.  We need to walk with God, hand in hand, under His umbrella, close to Him.

In Luke 8 Jesus crossed the water in a boat. A great storm came up. Trying to deal with things themselves, the disciples were afraid thinking they were going to die. When they called on Jesus to take control, the winds and waves were calmed and they were safe. If we stay close to Jesus, our lives will be under His cover and His command. It won’t always be blue skies, but if we stay close to Him in every situation, He will take care of us and get us through situations we could not manage on our own.









Lord help me to walk close with You today, hand in hand, and heart to heart. Amen.

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