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I LOVE this chapter! It shows a great deal of God’s heart for us! He did not set us up to fail, but to walk freely into all that He has for us!

I personally went through a season of seeing God redeem so much in my life. I had come out of a time of hardship, sickness, poverty and simply being in survival mode. I knew this wasn’t the way God wanted me to live and I sought Him for more. I knew more of what not to do, but needed His wisdom on what to do.

God took me from walking in an orphan mentality, trying to work it out on my own, to walking it out with Him. He mostly did this by allowing me to walk out my fears. For example, I didn’t want to be an overseas missionary again because I was fearful that I would end up in survival mode again, burnt out and lacking much. However, He sent me and I obeyed. In that I saw His faithfulness in how much of a good Father He really is! Most of all He showed me how to take from the cup of joy, along with the suffering.

When you are not feeling joyful, the way to get back is thankfulness. In your brain, the connections to get back to feeling joy is to be thankful. As you step out with Jesus to walk this ‘way of holiness’, He will show you more of who you are! In that, you will learn more of who He is. Through this relationship with Him, you will become pure and whole. Fear will not be able to touch you as you walk closely with your Lord and Saviour.

Stay thankful, stay joyful, and seek redemption as He wants to make you whole!















Thank you, Jesus, for all you have done for us! For redeeming all for us, by dying on the cross. You are simply beautiful and we want to walk with you, letting your joy be our strength. Walking with you through redemption. Amen.

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