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Isaiah predicted the fall of Babylon nearly 150 years before it took place. God used the Babylonians to punish his sinful people and bring them back to him.  He would send the Persians to bring destruction upon Babylon for she “showed them no mercy” (v.6).

In this chapter God addresses false pride.  Babylon’s perceived knowledge, intelligence, military might, economic superiority greatness, and beauty makes her proud.  She believes she “will continue forever”.  God speaks to Babylon and tells her she must leave her ‘throne’ and ‘sit on the ground’ (an image of mourning and being covered in dust). She will be humiliated, and mistreated experiencing the same treatment she gave to others. Babylon believed that she was the center of the universe. She didn’t reckon on the power of the God of the Angel Armies, the Redeemer of Israel coming up against her! God tells the Babylonians that they’re deluded and that despite all their magic spells and sorcery calamities and disasters will befall them leaving them bewildered. He taunts Babylon telling her none of her sorceries will work?

Babylonians believed they could control their destiny by ‘looking to the stars’ and magicians for guidance. These same sorcerers and magicians would, however, eventually abandon the city and go their own way.

Today we are bombarded with images of “beautiful” people with the world at their feet. The media abounds with stories and documentaries about the lifestyles of the rich and beautiful; superstars, tycoons, pop stars, sports personalities, fashion models and others holding them up as standards to aim at. We’re encouraged to take pride in our achievements. Self-help books abound telling us how to improve our lives, relationships, looks, self-image, finances etc. Not forgetting that we’re also encouraged to read our daily horoscopes too!

Sadly, the reading of horoscopes is still popular.  Many people who deny the supremacy of Jesus and his ability to perform miracles, think nothing of reading their horoscope in an attempt to get some sort of control over their lives.  God asks us to surrender our lives and future into his hands for His direction the only direction we really need. “Humble yourselves before the Lord and He will exalt you” James 4:10

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”2 Chronicles 7:14











Prayer: Dear Lord, help me remain close to you in humility and prayer and raise me up to pray and intercede for my family, friends and nation.

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